Villa Aurelia Romana has the highest disinfection standards to reduce risks of Coronavirus Covid-19.
Swiss Technology 99 Technologies HDM (Hyper Dry Mist)allows a high spectrum disinfection on surfaces and objects against Bacterias,Fungi,Virus,Spores and Mycobacterias.

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The holiday

Upon arrival at Villa Aurelia Romana you will find a beautiful villa, clean and well maintained, perfect for a quiet holiday in Rome. No matter how you will spend your days : shopping, visiting the most famous museums or simply strolling around the eternal city, when you arrive at the Villa in the evening you will have the opportunity to relax with family and friends by the pool and in the garden in an atmosphere of absolute tranquility just a few steps from the Vatican and the city centre.

The work

The villa is available for all types of corporate events, business dinners, gala dinners, conferences, conventions but also corporate meetings. It has a lower ground floor with a capacity for 50 people equipped with audio/video systems and capacity of 16 bed places divided into 8 bedrooms. Ask for a free on-site visit and a detailed quote to our booking.